10 Benefits of SMS Campaigns that You Should Know

Even though the use and functions of the smartphone no longer include text messages so much, for a company they are a good format and method to reach potential customers, without having an intermediary or any kind of interruption, which can be on a cell phone without even without internet.

Perhaps a person makes limited or little use of SMS, but that does not mean that for a brand it does not make sense to send text messages, on the contrary, it is a current tool that continues to give positive results.

  1. It is a good option to avoid privacy problems

For some time, Facebook has put an important issue on the lips for users, some privacy problems have surrounded social networks. This has caused a state of concern among consumers and users. This has made them increasingly cautious when interacting with brands that use these same channels. Although social media and websites are effective, you may have an option up your sleeve to complement your marketing strategy.

  1. SMS are customizable

The segmentation functions as in email marketing, enables customers to send personalized messages to your database who have given their consent. This, in addition to influencing your results because you can better choose what each group receives, increases customer satisfaction because they feel closer to a company that seems to know them well. When writing them, try to make it clear to them.

  1. It is differentiating

What was the last SMS you received? Surely you remember who sent it because we no longer receive as many as before. Being a little commercially exploited channel, hearing the new SMS notice surprises and generates curiosity among your potential customers. Not many brands are using it and this makes the sender's image benefit and differentiate itself from the rest.

  1. Boost branding

Branded SMS Marketing services will allow your company to achieve brand presence. By making shipments periodically, the recipient recognizes and associates a certain company with certain information.

For example: A university that sends text messages with useful academic content to its students will make them recognize a positive aspect of the brand.

  1. Mobile marketing is inexpensive

Advertising on digital channels has a much lower cost than on traditional ones. On mobile devices, we are talking about a few cents per message sent. It is a very low investment compared to what can be achieved with the responses, in other words, it is easily recoverable if the SMS is eye-catching and achieves the desired action.

  1.  SMS Marketing: It is totally measurable

As with an e-mail marketing campaign, there are platforms with which the SMS marketing campaign can be measured. You can know exactly the open rate and the bounce, for example.

  1. These are some benefits of SMS

It is a form of personal and private marketing that users are comfortable with. Also, the cost is extremely low, especially since it offers above-average read and response rates. Users can read your message at the most convenient time and thus you can attract more traffic to your page in an effective way. Another benefit is that the user will feel appreciation for your company brand thanks to the fact that the message is more personal.

  1. SMS arrive even if the receiver does not have internet

Although there is a connection to WI FI and data plans, there may be times when the person does not have either of them. SMS Marketing allows the recipient to get the text message anyway.       

  1.  The message arrives immediately

The SMS arrives quickly and immediately. When a campaign is sent, your recipients will see and hear a beep on their phone to alert them to a new message. A clear difference with email is that email can become spam, causing the recipient to never read it, or not to do so in time.

  1. Your company will have a higher number of conversions

You should not stop using the resources that social networks offer you, including SMS to have a closer relationship with users. If your campaigns are focused on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, try to use private messages to reach your audience. Also, do not forget to always answer any questions.

You can always consider The360 technologies as your partner in creating an effective SMS branding campaign for your brand or services. We are a professional company offering high-end SMS marketing services at affordable rates.