Social Media Marketing

Advertisement is the key to make your business grow because it makes your target audience know about your expertise, services, products, or business.

Likewise, it is challenging both monetarily as well as on creative grounds to navigate effective marketing platforms, tools, and techniques to make your brand business known effectively yet at an affordable price  

Want to uplift your business? Drive traffic to your website.

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  • Affordable SMO cost per month SMM Gold Plan
  •  35,000 / month
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  • Facebook Fan Page Creation                              
  • Facebook Regular Weekly Updates                           
  • Facebook Profile Avatar Design
  • Facebook Timeline Image Design                     
  • Facebook Posting        15 post monthly 20 posts monthly         30 posts monthly
  • Facebook Page Likes   00     250   1000


  • Twitter Page Creation
  • Regular Weekly Update
  • Twitter Background Design
  • Twitter Posting   two posts four posts in a week    0 post in a week
  • Twitter Followers        00     00     300



  • Instagram Page Creation
  • Regular Weekly Updates
  • Instagram Posting       ---- post in a week       --- post in a week         --- post in a week
  • Instagram Followers   
One Click. To Get the Ease of Business.

What SMM platforms:

We aim at advertising your brand to a larger yet targeted audience on social media platforms like

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Wikipedia
  • Snap chat
  • Tik Tok, etc

Our SMM quote includes:

  • Graphic designs
  • content strategies
  • engaging SMM campaigns TO SEND YOUR MESSAGE


Benefits of SMM?

  • Cost-effective and result-driven marketing strategy
  • Equally effective for big & small businesses and even personal’s to uplift their brand value in their desired niche
  • Advertise your idea's, products, and business multiway with SMM
  • Quick & Instant results: area oriented marketing make people, products and business popular and known in that particular area
  • Target area which looks for the product or services you offer
  • Deliver your message to targeted  local as well as local audience

Achieve long term business goals with little investment –Go For SMM

One Click. To Get the Ease of Business.