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Techical SEO

technical seo

Our SEO Marketing experts can help you with Technical SEO. It is a different thing compared to on-page SEO. A business is not ranked with excellent quality content without Technical SEO. It is essential to get Technical SEO done before on-page SEO starts.

Technical SEO and SEO Optimization are used interchangeably by businesses in the modern age. Both terms mean fixing the technical issues identified while conducting an SEO Health Check/SEO Audit.

Technical SEO involves fixing all technical issues like:

  • Desktop and Mobile website speed optimization (Core Web Vitals)
  • Fixing website Architectural and sitemap issues
  • Fixing webpage loading, content, and 404 errors
  • Installing Schema Markup (additional paid Service)
  • Fixing SSL (Secure Socket Layers Certification) (certificate to be purchased by the client)
  • Fixing Meta Title, Meta Description, H1, and H2 tags
  • Fixing internal linking and Broken links
  • Canonical Tags

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